• having fun painting in the sun!

    At the moment I am keeping busy with the help of my lovely husband preparing for my new shop. 

    I am so excited about creating this wonderful universe for the children but there is lots to do. 

    So I have been buying old furniture from leboincoin and visiting the wonderful Emmaüs. Now its a matter of giving all the items some tender loving care.  

    having fun painting in the sun!  

    having fun painting in the sun! 

    I love my colourful chairs "Cath Kidston" style of course.

    I have 7 more to do and the cushions to make not to mention tables and cupboards to sand and paint. But I know the children will love it and there is something really satisfying about "homemade"

    Les ateliers d'Alice la petite souris will be open in its very own shop at the end of September 2013

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